About Us

Bower Construction Surveying Inc. was registered in June of 2013 and continues to perform priding itself as one of the leading construction based surveying companies in the Maritimes.

Our office is located in Amherst, NS which is central between the major cities of our provinces. The bulk of our work resides in Moncton NB where it is ever growing and has room for opportunity. Our goal is to set up multiple locations and develop new strategies such to stay ahead of the demand for projects in need of special assistance while staying up to date with the increasing technology.

As a growing company we have endeavoured to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. We are continuing to explore new opportunities and grow with an ever changing world.

During the past years we have completed a wide variety of projects from smaller developments such as Picnic Parks and walking trails; mid sized commercial projects like fuel stations, box store retail centers, schools, and retirement complexes; to our larger developments such as major Shopping centers, High Rise developments and large sports centers.

As such we provide more to our clients than just a regular surveying experience.

Overall we will continue to provide an outstanding service to our clients and discover new and exciting ways to improve the industry as a whole.