Construction Surveying

We provide surveying and layout of concrete foundations, rebar and anchor bolts, machine bases, electrical ducts, plumbing and pipe work. We calculate volume takeoffs for concrete to be poured.  Concrete slab preparation, openings, and thickenings.  Layout for depth and location of footing excavations. Plumbness tolerances for structural steel.   As-builds and underground line locates.  Design build, quality assurance and site management are other key roles provided.  We work very closely with all of the trades to ensure construction work is done correctly and in a timely manner throughout every stage of construction.

Civil Surveying

  We provide surveying and layout of road ways, parking lots, curbs and light standards.  Layout and as-builds of underground infrastructure, including electrical duct banks.  Design of parking lot elevations and infrastructure.  Topographic surveys for mapping sites for proposals and civil engineering.  We do volume takeoffs for surface or pile quantities.

Computer Drafting

Any civil surveying job requires a lot of CAD work to be done.  Currently we are using Microsurvey CAD,  a very user friendly program which allows us to create presentable contour drawings,  civil plans, and mass surface volume takeoffs.   

 Plum Tolerance Survey

We carry a technology which uses a powerful laser for measuring surfaces.  This comes in very handy when checking a structural steel building for plumness.  A detailed report will describe the distance and direction of each column.

Seatlement Monitoring

By using a series of reference points we can determine any change or seatlement of various surfaces or structures.

Topographic Surveying

We provide topos for any ground surface and will create a contoured drawing which depicts and laybels any existing structure or object within the surface area.  We also use this tool for measuring volumes and quantities.



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